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What If You Lost Your Construction Induction White Card or Red Card?

To work in the construction industry, you must carry the construction induction White Card or Red Card with you. The construction induction White Card or Red Card is the evidence that you have the basic health and safety knowledge when you are working in this industry. It is also a legal requirement to work in the construction industry.

However, what if you lost the construction induction white card or red card in Victoria? How can you get it back? The White Card or OHS Red Card is an important document, which you need to always have on your person when you are working. Here at Origin Institute, we outlined how you can get your white card back correctly in case you lost it.

Lost Your White Card?

Since the introduction of the new Construction Induction White Card, the White Card is issued by WorkSafe Victoria. It means that once you completed a white card training, your training provider would lodge your white card application to WorkSafe Victoria. Then WorkSafe Victoria issues your white card.

If any person lost their WorkSafe Victoria White Card, they can simply contact WorkSafe Victoria on 1800 136 089 to get a replacement card. A replacement white card can be ordered in case your white card is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Lost Your OHS Red Card?

OHS Red Card is an old version of the White Card in Victoria. It was issued before 1 July 2008. The Red Card is still accepted anywhere in Victoria.

However, if you lost your VIC Red Card, you can't order a replacement card. The only way you can get your construction induction card back is to re-attend a proper construction induction (White Card) training.

If you still have your VIC Red Card, we would strongly recommend you transfer the Red Card to a current White Card ASAP. Origin Institue offers Red Card to White Card Direct Replacement service. The only thing you need to do is just complete an online application form in 5 minutes, then we will do the rest for you.

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