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Red Card to White Card Transfer

VIC Red Card to White Card Transfer - Only $99

Simply transfer your old construction induction card (known as Red Card) to a new WorkSafe Victoria White Card in just 5 minutes online.

How it Works
Can I Transfer

Your Victorian Red Card can be transferred to a new WorkSafe Victoria White Card easily online. No physical attendance or training is required. Upon the successful application, you will receive a new white card from WorkSafe Victoria. Only 2 easy steps.


Submit Red Card Transfer Form online

Simply fill out the online application form by using the link below. Applicants need to make sure that a clear copy of a valid photo ID and red card are submitted together with the application form. Your name and card number must be clearly visible on the Red Card. Payment will be collected upon application submission. Our price includes WorkSafe VIC's application fee.


Wait for your new white card

We will assess your application and keep you updated by email. If there is no problem, we will lodge your application to WorkSafe Victoria. You will receive a new white card in about 2-3 weeks upon the application approval of WorkSafe Victoria. You can keep using your old Red Card on the job site while you are waiting for the white card.

Not sure if you can get a Red Card Replacement?
Simply use our assessment tool below. 

Do you have a valid photo ID?

See the list of acceptable photo IDs from here.


Is your name and card number clearly visible on your Red Card?


Have you left the construction industry for more than 2 consecutive years after getting your Red Card?


Sorry, you need to get a valid photo ID before proceeding this transfer application.

Sorry, we can't help you transfer your Red Card, but you can still get your white card by completing 1-day training.

Yes, we can help your Red Card to White Card transfer!!

What’s the difference between the Red Card and White Card?

The Red Card is an old version of the Victorian White Card, also known as OHS Red Card. Both are the evidence to prove that you have completed construction safety training, which is a mandatory legal requirement to work on the construction site in Victoria. The Red Card is still accepted anywhere in Victoria if it was issued before 1 July 2008. The new WorkSafe Victoria white card is nationally accredited.


What is the advantage to transfer my Red Card to a White Card?

Since the new White Card was introduced, the white card had become more commonly accepted by most employers. The old OHS Red Card is only acceptable in Victoria. Whereas, the new WorkSafe VIC white card is nationally accredited, which allows you to work anywhere in Australia. The other thing you also need to know is if you lost the Victoria OHS Red Card, then you need to re-attend the training to get a new White Card.


Do I need to attend the training for the Red Card replacement?

No, you don’t need to attend a separate training for the Red Card to White Card replacement, if you have been keeping working in the construction industry in the past.


How to get the Red Card to White Card replacement and what’s the requirement?

To complete the Red Card to White Card transfer, you only need to complete our online transfer application form. We will require you to submit your valid government-issued photo ID and readable Red Card in the online application form. Your name and Red Card number must be clearly visible on your Red Card, otherwise, the easiest way to get a white card is to complete full training.


Do you offer this Red Card transfer or replacement service in other states?

No, we only offer this service in Victoria.


How long does it take to complete the Red Card transfer or replacement?

Once you submit the online application form, we will complete the assessment in the next 1-2 business days. We will notify you of the application assessment outcome. If your application is passed in our assessment, we will submit your transfer application to WorkSafe Victoria on the same day of assessment completion. It may take 2-3 weeks to receive your white card.


Can I keep working on the construction site during the process of Red Card transfer?

Yes, you can keep using your Red Card to work on the construction site in Victoria while you are waiting for the Red Card to White Card replacement.


What if I lost my Red Card?

If you lost your Victoria OHS Red Card, you can’t transfer your Red Card to the new white card. In this case, you need to complete the new white card training.


I didn’t receive my White Card after completing this Red Card transfer/replacement.

If you transfer your Red Card via Origin Institute, please check past email notifications from us. If we had notified you that your application was successful, please contact WorkSafe VIC for an update on the delivery status or for a replacement card if you believe your card was lost in the delivery.


How to retrieve my lost white card?

You can contact WorkSafe VIC to order a replacement card.


Do you issue a Statement of Attainment (SoA) upon the approval of the transfer?

As there is no training required for the Red Card transfer, there will be no SoA issued to you upon the successful application. However, you can keep using your Red Card before receiving your new white card.


I want to apply for the Owner-Builder Licence. Can I get my white card number before receiving my physical white card?

If your transfer application is successful, you can contact the WorkSafe VIC for your white card number.


Does the White Card have an expiry date?

Although the white card has no expiry date, we recommend everyone complete a new refresh training if he/she has left the industry for more than 2 consecutive years.

We accept:

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