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my.Origin allows our students and staffs to access many useful tools such as Student Management System, Microsoft Office 365 apps and Online Learning Platform. 

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Student Management System
Student Management System

Every Origin Institute student has access to the Student Management System. The Origin Institute Student Management System allows you to:

  • apply for a course

  • view course structure

  • view notification from Origin Institute

  • change personal contact details

  • view study progress

  • view attendance

  • submit assessment

  • send emails to trainers and staffs

  • view payment details

You will need to login with your Student ID and password.

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Online Learning Platform
Online Learning Platform

Wave bye-bye to traditional paper and online learning resources and assessments. Origin Institute brings the innovative ways of learning and assessments. Learning at Origin Institute is becoming more flexible and easier.


Some of our students need to access their learning materials and assessment through Origin Institute Online Learning Platform. The Online Learning Platform allows you to:

  • access all learning materials

  • access all assessments

  • watch learning videos

  • conduct assessments online


You will need to login with your student email address (in format of and password. Please note, your Online Learning Platform password may be different from your student email password, but you can set the same password for all platforms. If you experience issue in login, let one of our student support officers know, they will reset password for you.

Microsoft Office 365 apps for Students
MS Office for Student

You haven't to purchase Microsoft Office software by yourself, because all of our students' email accounts are linked to Microsoft Office online account. It means that by using your student email and password, you can assess to many Microsoft Office apps (some apps available online only) to meet your learning needs from anywhere. Most importantly, this is free for all of our students.



Send and Receive Emails

(online only)



Create Presentation Slides

(online only)



Store your Files on Cloud



Create Documents

(online only)



Create Spreadsheets

(online only)



Take Notes

You will need to login with your student email address (in format of and password.

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