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Owner Builder - How to Connect Power to a New Block

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

In the last blog topic, we talked about The Important Things for Being an Owner Builder, including the owner builder's preliminary requirement - the construction induction white card training. You can click on the link to read our last blog article.

In this blog topic, we will talk about how to connect power to the new block or construction site.

How to Connect Power to the New Block

No matter if you are an owner builder or property developer, it is always important to know that it is the owner's responsibility to ensure all services are connected properly. You may plan the power connection after the demolition or before the commencement of construction.

Step 1 - Find the correct power distributor

To connect the power to your construction site, firstly, you need to know your local power distributor. In Victoria, we have 5 main electricity distributors. They are:

  1. Citipower

  2. Jemena

  3. Powercor Australia

  4. AusNet Services

  5. United Energy Distribution

You can go to the Victorian Environment, Land, Water and Planning website to check who is your local electricity distributor.

Step 2 - Apply for the power connection from your power distributor

Once you have located your correct power distributor, you can simply go to their official website and fill out an online application form. Usually, there will be a cost for design and construction of power connection. Each power distributor's website may have its own online quote or cost calculator system to show detailed cost information.

Origin Institute - How to connect power

Nowadays, most new developments use an underground electricity supply application, which also refers to the installation of new pit or pits. Pits are usually installed on the boundary line of a premise to facilitate the supply of electricity via an underground service to that site.

After receiving your power connect application, your power distributor will assess, design and construct your power connection.

For the correct power connection process, we always recommend approaching a qualified electrician to provide correct advice and solutions.

Step 3 - Choose your energy retailer and install your meter

When the above power connect extension is completed (in step 2), you will need to select your own energy retailer and install your electricity meter. Usually, you will go through the following steps:

  1. Your Registered Electrical Contactor (REC) can complete electrical work on your property. You’ll need them to give you a signed Certificate of Electrical Safety (CES) and an Electrical Works Request form (EWR).

  2. Choose an energy retailer and ask them to set up your new connection. There are many energy retailers available on the market, such as Origin Energy, which also provides new meter installation guidelines on its website. They may request you to provide the completed CES and EWR Forms.

  3. Your retailer will submit a service order and your completed paperwork to your energy distributor.

  4. Your energy distributor will validate the service order and paperwork.

  5. Your energy distributor will install your electricity meter and activate your connection.

The above procedure could be changed or different in different areas. You will need to contact your energy distributor or energy retailer for further information.

At Origin Institute, we offer many training solutions to anyone who wants to join the construction industry. Check our training program from the link below.

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