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How to Become a Carpenter and its Salary in Australia

What is a carpenter?

A carpenter is a skilled craftsman who works with wood to construct, install, and repair various structures and objects. Carpenters have been an integral part of the construction and woodworking industries for centuries, utilising their expertise to create functional and aesthetic structures.

The work of a carpenter can include a wide range of tasks, such as:

  1. Framing: Carpenters often work on building frameworks for structures such as houses, buildings, and bridges. They use lumber, engineered wood, or other materials to construct the skeletal structure that supports the overall construction.

  2. Finishing: Carpenters are involved in the finishing aspects of a project, which may include installing doors, windows, trim, baseboards, and molding. They ensure that these elements are accurately measured, cut, and fitted to create a polished and cohesive appearance.

  3. Cabinetry and furniture: Carpenters skilled in joinery and woodworking techniques can create custom-made cabinets, shelves, furniture, and other wooden fixtures. They work with precision to craft pieces that are both functional and visually appealing.

  4. Repair and renovation: Carpenters are often called upon to repair or renovate existing structures. This may involve fixing damaged woodwork, replacing components, or modifying existing structures to meet new requirements or design changes.

  5. Formwork: In construction projects, carpenters are responsible for constructing temporary structures called formwork. Formwork provides support and shape to concrete during the pouring and curing process, ensuring it sets in the desired form.

Carpenters use a variety of tools and equipment, including saws, chisels, hammers, drills, measuring devices, and power tools. They need to have a good understanding of construction principles, woodworking techniques, and safety protocols to carry out their work effectively.

Carpentry is a skilled trade that requires a combination of technical knowledge, manual dexterity, problem-solving skills, and attention to detail. Carpenters can work independently, as part of a construction team, or in specialised woodworking shops.

What’s the average salary for a carpenter in Australia?

According to the carpenter salary Australia data reported on in June 2023, the average carpenter's base salary is around $43.91 per hour in Victoria, Australia. The actual carpenter's salary also depends on many factors, such as location, worker experience, project type, and so forth.

How to become a qualified carpenter in Australia?

To become a qualified carpenter in Victoria, Australia, you typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Education and Training: Complete the necessary education and training to gain the required skills and knowledge in carpentry. Origin Institute, as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), offers nationally recognised carpentry training to international students. Once complete the training, this student will be issued a CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry qualification, which is evidence of a qualified carpenter.

  2. Gain Practical Experience: Acquire practical experience by working on construction projects under the guidance of experienced carpenters. This experience will help you develop your skills and understanding of carpentry techniques, tools, and materials further.

  3. Licensing and Registration: In Victoria, Australia, carpenters are not required to hold a specific licence to practice. However, if you plan to operate your own carpentry business or work as a contractor, you may need to register as a building practitioner with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA). VBA will require you to have Certificate III in Carpentry qualification and working experience to apply for the Domestic Builder Limited to Carpentry licence.

Why do more and more international students choose to do carpentry courses in Australia?

Australia has a robust construction industry, with ongoing demand for skilled carpenters. Completing a carpentry course in Australia can provide international students with access to job opportunities in the local labor market.

What course does Origin Institute offer for international students?

Origin Institute offers packaged training to international students who want to enrol in our carpentry courses. The packaged course includes:

By completing the CPC30220 Certificate III in Carpentry course, students will become qualified carpenters in Australia. The further CPC40120 Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) will allow students to learn further about Australian building and construction, which covers the topic of building codes, standards, regulations, structures, basic drafting, building contracts, project management, and more. The packaged course will help students open further possibilities of building and construction careers as site supervisors, project managers, or builders.

If you wish to inquire about more information or apply for the above course, simply contact

Is there any migration pathway after completing the carpentry course?

Origin Institute does not guarantee any migration outcome or pathway if students take our carpentry training. However, we do see many international students utilise carpentry training as part of their migration pathway. You need to consult an Australian migration lawyer for more details and requirements of the migration pathway.

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