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Building and Construction
Professional Internship
Achieve your dreams and more. Get your foot in the door with our Building and Construction Professional Internship Program.

Are you a student worried about your prospects after graduating from building, construction or engineering degree? Or a graduate who already knows how tough it is in the competitive job market?

Our Professional Internship Program is designed for eager young building and construction professionals just like you looking to kick off their careers. As an educational institution specialised in building and construction industry, we saw a gap in graduates’ technical education and their readiness for the workplace. 

Our 13 - 53 weeks program is designed to help your transition from study to the real workplace and to put that all-important experience on your resume.

We will match you with the right internship placement for you, taking into consideration your career goals, specific area of expertise, relevant experience, learning objectives, training needs and location.

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Program Details


  • At least 18 years of age at time of enrolment*.

  • Have passed the LLN test developed for this course.

  • You are doing or have completed building and construction related course


Blended learning with online self-paced distance learning and work placement. Work placement will be conducted in one of our host companies arranged by Origin Institute.


13 - 52 weeks.

3 - 5 days per week

The actual duration will be determined through competency assessment.


Total fee: $4,500.00

  • $1,500 deposit at time of enrolment

  • 3 instalments ($1,000 each) throughout the whole course period.

Course Structure

Unit of Competency


CPCCBC4012B - Read and interpret plans and specifications

The Statement of Attainment will be issued upon completion of this program.

Assessment Method

Online assessment and work placement.

Origin Institute - Building and Construction Professional Internship Program specialise in the field of building, construction, architect and engineering. Placement may take take up to 10 weeks to secure as these areas have a board scope acoss the market. Origin Institute works hard to ensure that student placement are conducted in a professional company that meets regulatory requirements as well as student's needs.


  • A computer installed with an appropriate costing software, word processing software, webcam and internet access 

  • Printer or printing services 

  • Calculator 

  • Camera with photo and video recording capabilities 

  • Pen, pencils, markers, highlighters, colouring materials, eraser, ruler, onion skin paper

  • Worker's Compensation Insurance required for the placement.


Origin Institute ensures that RPL and CT is offered to all applicants on enrolment, through an RPL/CT eligibility assessment.
RPL candidates are to provide current, quality evidence of their competency against the relevant unit of competency. This process may be directed by the candidate and verified by the assessor, such as in the compilation of portfolios; or directed by the assessor, such as through observation of workplace performance and skills application, and oral and/or written assessment. Where the outcomes of this process indicate that the candidate is competent, structured training is not required. 

Please contact us for more details of RPL/CT.

It is Origin Institute's obligation to the learner, including that Origin Institute is responsible for the quality of the training and assessment in compliance with these Standards, and for the issuance of the AQF (Australian Qualifications Framework) certification documentation.


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